Hey y’all!

I have become a huge fan of the show Fixer Upper and after watching episode after episode with my husband, I have gotten a hankerin’ to do a minor remodel of our home.

The first change we have made is installing a pallet wall (photos soon to come after walls are painted!) in our living room. This has become the most adorable feature wall in our home and I thought, “What better way to showcase my husband’s work than installing a spotlight?”

In my mind, this was going to be very easy, and after a little self-pep talk and analyzing with my ‘jack of all trades’ father in-law, I was able to change the fixture without electrocuting myself!

Disclaimer: Mama Shockley will not be held responsible for accidents that could very well occur if you don’t take proper precautions when working with electricity and/or power tools!!!


Step 2: Remove all unnecessary “junk” including the ring and the mount for the ring until you have an empty can. (In my case, I was installing a three bulb spotlight in the place of a can light or recessed light.)


Step 3: Next, (using the handy Milwaukee drill set my husband bought for me), I screwed together a few 1×4’s to put inside the can;  then screwed the new fixture’s mount onto my outermost board.

Step 4: Makeshift stud is inserted to where it is resting on the pre-existing brackets inside the can, then a short wood screw goes right through the bracket and into the wood to secure the stud on both sides.

Homemade stud using (3) 1×6’s, with new mount attached.

Step 5: Assuming you’ve already shut off your breaker, you will cut the black and white wires to remove the old socket. Then strip off about 3/4″ of the rubber wire coating/cover.

Make sure the breaker is turned OFF, then cut the old socket from the wires.

Step 6: Now you will twist together the existing wire to it’s coordinating color on the new fixture. Twist on a wire connecter (you know, the little plastic things that look like earplugs), and wrap electrical tape around the connector and wire until secure. Repeat this step with the opposing color wire.

Line up the coordinating colored wires and twist in a clockwise direction.
Twist on wire connector in a clockwise direction, then wrap electrical tape around the plastic connector and wires to secure. Make sure none of the silver wire is exposed.

Step 7: Secure the ground wire (copper wire) to the green screw located on the new fixture’s mount.

Step 8: Finally, you can place the new fixture onto the mount you installed by tightly screwing on the outer cap that came with your new light. Easy peasy!

Before and After

Thanks for reading and I hope this article helped you. Please feel free to comment or email with questions. Good luck with your project and God Bless!

-Mama Shocks