So as promised, here are the pictures from our minor makeover. (Better late than never, right?!) This was our second home “flip” and we gained a lot of courage with this one! If you know me or my husband, we are both really ambitious, but lack the “jack of all trades feature” in our human manuals. Now, even though Dusty and I are learning a lot with each home, we are still quite far from being able to do any major restructuring and our last two “flips” were purely cosmetic only. However, that ain’t nothin’ to sneeze at if you’re just dabbling in home makeovers, we got our money back from both sales and then some! If we can do it, so can you! Enjoy!

19274967_1398849700150054_6707134810824105173_nLiving Room: When doing a makeover, pick out the areas that bother you the most and start there because those are likely going to be the same things that don’t agree with your future buyers. The thing that bothered me the most here was the wall color. Doing away with the sage green was the greatest improvement to this space. Not only did it lighten it  up (trust me, it did- the pictures just don’t do it justice!) it made the room feel so much bigger. We used Revere Pewter by Benjamin Moore for the walls. The next thing we did was change out the flooring. The original floors were a smooth, cherry bamboo type and they showed every little scratch and speck (If you listen to anything I say, NEVER get bamboo floors! They aren’t as durable as you think!) …Having three kids, this wasn’t gonna do. We updated them with Tobacco Roads Acacia engineered hardwood. The flooring was purchased at Lumber Liquidators and placed down by local professionals. (Please excuse the cloudiness of the after photos, not sure what was up with my camera that day.)


Fireplace: This was my favorite part of our entire makeover! We transformed the fireplace by removing the existing tile and replacing it with a thin brick veneer (found at Home Depot in the tile section). I whitewashed the tile with a watered down chalk paint and sealed it up with a cement sealer. Now, did I just wake up one day and decide, “I think I’ll give tiling a whirl”? No. I did not. Thankfully, there is a whole world of knowledge on how to DIY anything… It’s called Pinterest. YouTube is great too, but I find the step-by-step blogs are a lot more helpful if you don’t want to stop and pause a video every 30 seconds. If this is something you’re interested in trying, I used this link from pinterest.


Pallet Wall: This was my second favorite part of the makeover. My husband had acquired some old barn wood from his dad and literally just threw this up in a day with the help of his buddy. He planed the boards first and I laid them out in the yard, in an order that made sense. Notice, not all the boards are the same width but I love how random the sizing and color variation is.


Dining Room: A fresh coat of paint and the new floors continuing into the room, was all it took to make this an eating space fit for a farmhouse!



Kitchen: Last, but certainly not least is our kitchen makeover. I don’t know what it is about when a woman designs her kitchen plans, but it’s just delightful! Taking out the forest green formica and installing brand new Thunder White granite the most gratifying day of this 6 week makeover! We put in a huge, double-basin, stainless steel, under-mount sink that even my three year old could bathe in, finished it out with a commercial sprayer and replaced the light fixtures with some cute little galvanized pendants. Though this kitchen is smaller, it became my favorite little space in the entire house.

Well, I hope you all enjoyed the photos and maybe I was able to inspire you to do your own little makeover. As always, feel free to ask any questions or share for another to enjoy.


Mama S.